Hospital Management System user interface

Hospital Management System Login Screen

Hospital Management System

User Interface for a hospital management system.

Technologies: Photoshop, Xhtml, CSS, PHP

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Hello, all! I'm Viki, a user interface developer from Kolkata, India. I have worked on creating engaging web-sites and applications since 2005. When I'm not working, I spend most of my time playing video games, watching movies and trying to keep my girlfriend entertained, heh. I work by myself in my home studio and listen to a lot of music. I hope that all of you enjoy my posts! For more cool stuff, you may also follow me on Twitter. View all posts by Viki Pandit →

6 Responses to Hospital Management System user interface

  1. Sanbedpal says:

    Firstly your UI is superb. Can you tell me how can i develope such UI using C# and VB? Is it possible?

    you can mail me on

  2. sahil ali says:

    its really help ful for me in my final project on hospital management system.
    its a desktop lan base application.its just like an admin panel so i
    select php with mysql database for hms desktop application.
    please guide me if possible my mail address is
    The above reg page help me for employee registration Thanks allot Viki bahi

  3. amit says:

    Can u Mail this product of HMS

  4. Sahil Agarwal says:

    great UI..I’m developing a project in jsp and mysql and would like to use a similar UI. Can you mail me this?..Id:

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